REFSOURCE, Inc. Offers New Opportunities
for MSSI TEMTEK Customers
What Happened? ➤ The assets of MSSI TEMTEK have been acquired by REFSOURCE, Inc., an affiliate of the United Refractories Co., and MSSI TEMTEK will cease doing business.
When Is This Effective? ➤ October 5, 2017
How will REFSOURCE operate? ➤ REFSOURCE will take over MSSI TEMTEK accounts, which are mainly based in metal related industries. 
What specifically will REFSOURCE offer? ➤ Along with the competencies of large precast shapes, customized fiber modules and specialized fabrication, REFSOURCE will provide URC's complete line of specialty monolithic refractory products and services. 
How will this affect current URC customers? ➤ Positively! Current URC customers will receive the same quality refractory products and services plus the ability to buy REFSOURCE customized fiber modules, large precast shapes and specialized fabrication through your current URC sales team. 
How will this affect previous MSSI TEMTEK customers? ➤ Positively! REFSOURCE will supply previous MSSI TEMTEK customers with the current product mix. In addition, REFSOURCE will be offering a complete line of URC specialty monolithic refractory products and services. 
Who can I call with questions? ➤ Please feel free to contact your current URC sales person...Or call Mark Kness directly at 412-298-3160.
Why Is This Good For The Customer? ➤
We believe the following advantages will begin immediately...
- Previous MSSI TEMTEK customers should experience improved service, responsiveness and support... with access to world-class specialty monolithic refractories.
- Current URC customers will have access to customized fiber modules, large precast shape capabilities and specialized fabrication.