Transportation Update

URC is dedicated to providing our customers with first class 4U Service, and this includes supply chain issues including freight.

Over the last few months, we have been tracking freight trends that are impacted by both COVID protocols and an approaching peak transportation season. Both of these issues have caused increases in costs and transportation delays.

We have been in close contact with our freight providers, working with them to develop options to ensure your orders arrive in a timely manner. To improve the level of service during these difficult times, our sales and customer service reps need to make sure we understand your exact needs. For example:

• When is the earliest date the shipment can arrive?
• When is the latest required arrival date?
• Do you have a preferred carrier? If so, who?

All that said, if you want to control and setup your own freight, that is perfectly fine with us and we’ll work with you to get it done. If we are managing and contracting the freight, please know we will do the best job possible. For example, as we setup a load, we will let you know if the carrier is locked-in to the price, and if the quote is all-in, i.e., with surcharges. However, during these times where COVID, business conditions and extra costs have resulted in an unstable and unpredictable environment, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for consequential damages resulting from freight issues or delays.

If you have any questions, please contact your URC rep, Donna Hull or myself. Thank you for your business and trust.

Jim Caprio
Senior V.P. Sales & Marketing