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ALK, MAX, Z Exceptional alkali resistance over standard low cement products
AZS, MZS, SC Special additives/grains to increase build up resistance
UNI-VERS Cost effective, versatile gun mixes and various pumpable/shotcrete products
AD, FS Products exhibiting excellent shock resistance, using either andalusite (AD) or fused silica (FS) formulations
UNI-BRADE A unique bonding system that features excellent abrasion resistance
CF A water based cement free chassis including both gun mixes and shotcrete products
CS A complete line of cement free pumpables/shotcretes that are mixed with colloidal silica to achieve excellent properties and outstanding water release
UNI-2TUFF High SS Fiber precast products for exceptional toughness and crack resistance
GP Phos bonded plastics designed to be gunned, exhibiting extremely high production rates and excellent performance
Burner Pipe URC offers some specific products that have proven service in this tough application