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Precast Refractory and Fiber Products for the carbon/graphite industry from URC are made to withstand some of the toughest conditions in the industry. Specially designed to account for thermal expansion and support large loads, our Car Bottom Deck Shapes and Car Bottom Pier Blocks provide exceptional performance in extreme environments. When it comes to thermal and mechanical abuse, few components experience the drastic changes in temperature and wear and tear as Furnace Door Jambs and Lintels. With over 100 combined years of Refractory experience, we understand these needs and manufacture our Door Jambs and Lintels to perform under the most demanding circumstances. Offering many benefits over poured or brick hearths and furnace walls, our Precast Furnace Hearths and Furnace Wall Blocks have fewer joints, which presents a less labor-intensive installation, provides an extended service life and saves you valuable time and money. 

Car Bottom Deck Shapes
Sand, scale, and other debris can fill brick joints and monolithic refractory cracks, causing premature failure of not only the car deck, but often the...
Car Bottom Pier Blocks
REFSOURCE has the product diversity to offer piers and pedestals that make them a perfect fit for their particular application. Whether it...
Furnace Doors Jambs & Lintels
The mechanical and thermal abuse of furnace perimeter shapes make it one of the toughest refractory applications in the world. Rarely do precast shapes...
Furnace Hearths
Bricked Furnace Hearths contain multiple joints that can fill with sand, scale or other debris when cold, which then expand when the furnace is operational...
Furnace Wall Blocks
Recently, the carbon and graphite industries have been embracing the time and energy saving benefits of precast shapes over bricks. The labor intensive...
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