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When it comes to adding additional layers of insulation quickly and easily, Calcium Silicate Boards, Vermiculite Boards and Vermiculite Slabs from URC are an excellent choice. Designed for application as back-up insulation in refractory equipment, Calcium Silicate Boards are extremely lightweight and provide superior mechanical strength and heat resistance. Perfect for the aluminum industry because REFSOURCEVermiculite Boards are highly resistant to cryolite penetrations and fluorides and are easy to install. Our Vermiculite Slabs provide high-mechanical strength, low-thermal conductivity and are resistant to thermal shock which makes them an ideal insulation solution. 


Calcium Silicate Boards
REFSOURCE Calcium Silicate Boards cover a range of extremely lightweight insulating boards with excellent insulating value, high mechanical strength...
Vermiculite Boards
The REFSOURCE V-1100 and VIP-12 ALU is a range of vermiculite based insulating boards recommended for the aluminium industry and especially aluminium...
Vermiculite Slabs
REFSOURCE offers a range of vermiculite based, high-temperature, energy-saving and cost-effective insulating slabs designed for a maximum service...
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