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A successful Forging operation requires specialized, durable furnace components. URC produces Furnace Precast and Fiber Products for the Forging Industry that are capable of tackling a number of applications and environments. When it comes to the Forging process, strict thermal and mechanical performance is required. Our forge furnace hearth shapes are engineered to perform well under difficult conditions and provide an excellent service life. Shapes around the perimeter of the furnace typically see some of the toughest conditions. The Furnace Precast Sills, Jambs and Lintels from REFSOURCE are capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations and mechanical abuse. Traditional poured or bricked furnace walls and hearths have many joints that will eventually cause failure, but our Precast Walls and Hearth Blocks contain very few joints and offer superior performance and service life.

Annealing Bases
The Annealing Process requires strictly-controlled thermal and mechanical performance from the refractories that make up the furnaces and bases. REFSOURCE...
Furnace Sills, Jambs and Lintels
The mechanical and thermal abuse of furnace perimeter shapes make it one of the toughest refractory applications in the world. Rarely do Precast Shapes...
Furnace Walls & Hearth Blocks
Bricked Furnace Hearths contain multiple joints that can fill with sand, scale or other debris when cold, which then expand when the furnace is operational...
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