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URC offers a complete suite of heavy-duty, cost-effective products for the Non-Ferrous Industry. It’s no secret that Furnace Sills, Jambs and Lintels are often subjected to some of the toughest conditions imaginable. Able to withstand extreme variations in temperature, as well as severe abuse from products and equipment, our Precast Sills, Jambs and Lintels excel under adverse conditions. Non-Ferrous Metals can wreak havoc on Furnace Walls and Hearth Blocks. Offering superior design and construction, our Walls and Hearth Blocks stand up to the challenge. When it comes to Skimming and Stirring Tools, steel implements often overheat, warp and dissolve not only leaving you with the need for new tools, but also contaminating your Non-Ferrous Metals. Our composite Skimming and Stirring Tools are highly durable, cost-effective and will not taint the metal. Capitalizing on state-of-the-art materials and technologies, we are able to create Troughs that stand up to erosion and thermal shock, providing improved service life and eliminating downtime for maintenance and repairs. 


Furnace Sills, Jambs & Lintels
The mechanical and thermal abuse of furnace perimeter shapes make it one of the toughest refractory applications in the world. Rarely do precast shapes...
Furnace Wall & Hearth Blocks
The low viscosity and corrosive nature of non-ferrous metals produce especially demanding challenges for precast manufacturers. Furnace Lining Blocks must...
Skimming and Stirring Tools
Skimming and Stirring Tools are a costly part of any non-ferrous operation. Often times, these tools are made from some type of steel and are not considered...
Fast-moving metal creates thermal and erosion issues for even the best refractory shapes. Volume stability is the key in thermal shock resistance, but...
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