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Our Ceramic Fiber Wet-Mix products are easy to use and can be applied in many situations where heat loss is an issue. Whether used for forming gaskets, seals or filling voids and cracks our Ceramic Fiber Moldable Pump Mix can be installed in a variety of ways to create a lining that is corrosion resistant and impermeable to molten aluminum, zinc, copper and lead. Rigidizer and Cement can be brushed or sprayed onto Ceramic Fiber Insulation to offer an additional firmness, protection and resistance to abrasion. Use our Seal Coat to repair hard refractory or ceramic and quickly (and easily) combat thermal loss.

Ceramic Fiber Moldable
REFSOURCE moldable is used to prevent heat loss caused by the deterioration of the existing lining and can be installed using a trowel, a caulking...
Ceramic Fiber Moldable Pump Mix
The REFSOURCE Moldable Pumpable is a multipurpose form of ceramic fiber dispersed in a sticky mix. Fibrous in nature, excellent insulation properties,...
Rigidizer and Cement
Rigidizer is applied to the surface of a Ceramic Fiber Blanket, or other high-temperature Ceramic Fiber Insulations by spraying or brushing. After air-drying,...
Seal Coat
REFSOURCE Seal Coat may be applicable for refractory joints and cracks to seal against thermal loss and infiltration particulates. It's an excellent...
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