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URC provides a multitude of Thermocouples and IR Sensors that are ideal for a number of thermal measurement applications. Our Base Metal Assemblies and Base Metal Elements are designed for use in the most severe environments and come in a variety of styles and sizes. To shield sensors and thermocouples, Ceramic Protection Tubes are available in several different proportions and offer varying degrees of protection. For rigorous, high-temperature applications, Noble Metal Assemblies and Noble Metal Elements are manufactured in a diverse range of components and configurations. Magnesium Oxide Thermocouples provide consistent temperature measurement and are recommended for environments of high moisture and pressure or where corrosive materials are present. For customers looking to fabricate elements or assemblies, URC offers bulk Thermocouple Wire in various gauges and calibrations. Please see the available options listed below.

Base Metal Assemblies (BME)
Industrial base Metal Thermocouple Assemblies (BME) are designed to be used in the most severe and demanding environments. The choice of a specific style...
Base Metal Thermocouple Elements (BME)
Base Metal Thermocouple Elements (BME) are designed for the most severe environments. Listed below are the available types that REFSOURCE stocks.
Ceramic Protection Tubes
Ceramic Protection Tubes are used to help shield sensors, generally thermocouples, from contamination and/or mechanical damage. These tubes usually incorporate...
Magnesium Oxide Thermocouples
An MgO Thermocouple is recommended for high moisture and pressure in corrosive environments. This style offers high dielectric strength, durability, quick...
Noble Metal Assemblies (NMA)
A variety of configurations is available to meet rigorous, high-temperature applications up to 4200ºF. Wire calibration and gauge, as well as all...
Noble Metal Elements (NME)
We offer individual platinum elements in Standard, Reference, Fibro and Certified materials, as well as all components for full assemblies. Types S and...
Thermocouple Wire
Noble Metal and Base Metal Thermocouple Wire is available in bulk form for customers who fabricate elements or assemblies. Additionally, we fabricate Insulated...
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