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Magnesium Oxide Thermocouples

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Magnesium Oxide Thermocouples

An MgO Thermocouple is recommended for high moisture and pressure in corrosive environments. This style offers high dielectric strength, durability, quick response to temperature fluctuations and malleability. The uniform thickness of thermocouple wires insulated with magnesium oxide creates a  corrosion and moisture resistant sensor that is mechanically strong.


Insulation Purity – MgO (magnesium oxide) densely packed High Purity 99.4% MgO is used with Types K, R and S, Inconel Sheathing. All others are Standard Purity 96% MgO.

Minimum Bend Diameter – Two times the outside diameter of the sheath.

Continuous Maximum Temperature Ratings Of Sheath In Oxidizing Atmospheres*

304SS: Up to 1650°F – good corrosion characteristics and resistance to oxidation; generally regarded as a standard sheath material.

Inconel 600: Up to 2100°F – good high temperature resistance to corrosion; not suitable for use in presence of sulfur above 1000°F.

316SS: Up to1700°F – has excellent acid corrosion resistance; highly resistant to pitting type corrosion.

310SS: Up to 2100°F – good resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. * Not necessarily a recommended temperature. Sheath wall thickness, contaminants, abrasion and erosion must be considered.

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