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Ceramic Protection Tubes

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Ceramic Protection Tubes

Ceramic Protection Tubes are used to help shield sensors, generally thermocouples, from contamination and/or mechanical damage. These tubes usually incorporate some manner by which the tube, sensor and terminal are assembled and mounted into the process.

A fine grained, non-porous material, ceramic tubing is gas tight and used at high temperatures to protect either platinum or base metal thermocouples. Ceramic Protection Tubes should either be preheated or slowly heated from 400º F to 800ºF to dissipate any moisture that might be collected while at room temperature. Moisture that remains trapped in the tube may affect its performance.

Mullite Protection Tubes are impervious to gases at high temperatures. This type of tube possesses good thermal shock resistance, having a maximum temperature range of 2800ºF.

Alumina Protection Tubes have a fair resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Designed for very high temperature processes, these tubes are impervious to gasses up to 3200º F.

Both Mullite and Alumina Tubes are available in many sizes. For complete specification please download the specification sheet.

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