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Noble Metal Assemblies (NMA)

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Noble Metal Assemblies (NMA)

A variety of configurations is available to meet rigorous, high-temperature applications up to 4200ºF. Wire calibration and gauge, as well as all components, should be carefully chosen to provide optimum performance in every application. Use the Specification Codes in the specification codes sheet to assemble a complete ordering number, or consult URC assistance.

•Temperatures up to 4200°F
• Platinum / Rhodium elements in Standard, Reference, and Certifi ed materials
• Type S and R used for short periods up to 3100°F, continuously up to 2700°F
• Type B for temperature up to 3100°F
• Type C and Tungsten/Rhenium elements up to 4200°F
• Platinel II is used up to 2300°F

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