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Calcium Silicate Boards

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Calcium Silicate Boards

REFSOURCE Calcium Silicate Boards cover a range of extremely lightweight insulating boards with excellent insulating value, high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. Our Calcium Silicate Boards are designed for maximum service temperatures of1000°C (1832°F) or 1100°C (2012°F). These Calcium Silicate Boards are light grey and have smooth, rigid and non-dusting surfaces.

Two grades are available:

  • SUPER-1100 E

Due to exceptional heat resistance, both grades of SUPER Calcium Silicate Boards will withstand continuous heat up to their full temperature use limit. The low-thermal conductivity provides top insulation throughout the temperature range.

Jointing mortar recommended: FL-06, see separate data sheet “insulating mortars”.

Fire hazard classification according to BS 476, Part 4: 1970 and DIN 4102, A1: non-combustible, no flame, no smoke.

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