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The URC REFSOURCE V-1100 and VIP-12 ALU is a range of vermiculite based insulating boards recommended for the aluminium industry and especially aluminium electrolysis cells. They are highly resistant to cryolite penetrations and fluorides, and not wetted by molten aluminium. Especially VIP-12 ALU has been designed to function as a semi-barrier layer in aluminium electrolysis cells. The application of V-1100 and VIP-12 ALU is energy saving and thus cost effective. 

V-1100 and VIP-12 ALU combine high strength with low-thermal conductivity and are designed for a maximum service temperature of 1100°C. 

Vermiculite Boards cover several grades in various combinations of bulk density, insulation properties and compressive strength.

Standard grades include: 

  • V-1100 (375)
  • V-1100 (410)
  • V-1100 (475)
  • VIP-12 ALU 

The V-1100 and VIP-12 ALU Vermiculite Insulating Boards are clean to handle and easy to install. The product composition allows for easy cutting and shaping of both board types on site using ordinary wood-working tools.

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