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High Temperature Refractory Products

URC manufactures and provides state-of-the art high temperature solutions with a wide array of custom precast refractory shapes and ceramic fiber products. The URC REFSOURCE product line includes precast refractory shapes, high wire abrasion and thermal shock resistant shapes, custom made ceramic fiber modules, UltraBloc engineered fiber panels, as well as a broad breadth of products and services for the high temperature industrial furnace market. For demanding thermal insulation consider our line of 3000 engineered products and solutions offering thermal insulation up to 1600ºC.

URC REFSOURCE products cover the ambient temperature range up to 3200o Fahrenheit. We also offer AutoCAD Services.

URC offers the full line of precast products and solutions for the high temperature industrial furnace market. Additionally, we offer an array of Ceramic Fiber products such as Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Board to Ceramic Fiber Bulk. Our solutions address the product requirements for industrial furnaces with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

Contact one of our sales professionals to evaluate your high temperature industrial application needs today and experience "A Different Perspective". To see our complete product line and solutions click here.

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