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PuzzleJoint® Modules

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PuzzleJoint® Modules

Combining the superior protection of a 3000 Blanket on the hot face side, with the less expensive, but highly durable 2600 HTZ Blanket on the cold face side, PuzzleJoint® Modules (US Patent 9,175,909 B2)  from URC is the ultimate in cost-effective polycrystalline fiber modules. This revolutionary patent-pending product allows you to protect your most valuable assets from extreme conditions for a fraction of the cost.

3000 polycrystalline alumina fibers exhibit excellent thermal stability, resiliency, erosion resistance and mechanical strength at temperatures up to 1600°C (2912°F).

With 3000, the packing of opened modules joints and shrinkage concerns are a thing of the past. Lining degradation through heat exposure, increased heat loss, and higher operating costs are also eliminated.

On the cold face side, the 2600 HTZ Blanket is strong, lightweight and durable. Able to withstand temperatures up to 1370ºC (2500ºF), the 2600 HTZ Blanket provides adequate protection and significant cost savings.

Through the integration of these two unique materials, PuzzleJoint solves the puzzle and provides a cost-effective solution for nearly any high-temperature application.

• Low-cost alternative for polycrystalline fiber modules
• Allows polycrystalline fiber to be used in applications where it was previously not affordable
• Energy-efficient alternative to replace monolithic dense refractory linings in applications up to 1537°C (2800º F)
• Unique interlocking joint between polycrystalline and ceramic fiber eliminates chance of delamination of module
• No cement or glue required to hold layers together

• Steel reheat furnaces
• Iron blast furnace trough covers
• Tundish and ladle preheaters
• Reheat and preheater burner flues and exhausts
• Forge furnaces
• Galvanizing furnace linings
• Aluminum furnaces
• High-fired ceramic and glass kilns



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