3000 Blanket and Board Products

3000 Blanket and Board Products

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3000 Blanket and Board Products

REFSOURCE 3000 is a high temperature insulation composed of polycrystalline alumina fiber that is unsurpassed in high-temperature durability and insulation performance.

Developed in the 1980's, 3000 is ideal for long-term, high or cyclic temperature operations. The components of this product are "Polycrystalline Aluminia Fibers." They exhibit excellent thermal stability, resiliency, erosion resistance and mechanical strength at temperatures to 1600ºC (2912ºF).

3000 is available in Blanket and Board forms for your high temperature needs.  3000 blankets are available in a range of densities and sizes. Manufactured in computer controlled state of the art facilities the material is known for quality and consistency out in the field.

If you are in need of 3000 please contact a URC sales reps. For more information on our other REFSOURCE 3000 solutions such as Custom Modules, Econo or Combo Modules please visit here.

• Uniform thickness & density
• Low shot
• Minimal shrinkage at 1600ºC - 2912ºF
• Total thermal shock resistant
• Non-carcinogen

REFSOURCE can assist you in creating custom solutions using 3000 Polycrystalline Alumina Fibers to improve the service life of:

- Furnace roofs
- Ladle/Tundish Covers
- Batten Strip
- Burner Walls
- Preheat covers
- Trough Covers
- Roof Cover

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