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Supermag Fiber Products

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Supermag Fiber Products

REFSOURCE Supermag Blanket from URC is a high-temperature, body-soluble, wool-fiber product. This product utilizes a unique spinning technology to create special fibers with excellent thermal and mechanical properties. The unique fiber generated is a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium, designed to be able to sustain short-term temperatures ranges up to 1200º C.

REFSOURCE Supermag Products are capable of being used in a variety of applications including: refractory linings, thermal insulation, metals transfers and fire protection. Our line of Supermag Products include: Blanket, Supermag Board and Supermag Bulk.


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Very low heat storage
  • Extremely high tensile strength
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Low weight
  • Excellent corrosion resistance 

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