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Torpedo Ladle Covers (patented)

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Torpedo Ladle Covers (patented)

URC's patented REFSOURCE Torpedo Ladle Cover System has been saving integrated steel producers valuable time and money for more than two decades. Our one-of-a-kind magnet delivery system, coupled with our environmentally friendly ladle covers, combine to form a "can't miss" savings applicaton. As heard from an existing customer, "this is truly a win-win for us. We are helping the environment by using less heat and lowering our emissions. Plus, we have increased yield and efficiency!" Torpedo ladles are excellent at reducing ladle cool-down and fume emission.

• Higher torpedo refractory temperatures

• Higher hot metal temperatures
• Lower skim loss
• Less emissions from the ladles
• Improved refractory performance
• Reduced torpedo car maintenance 

To learn more about URC REFSOURCE Torpedo Ladle Covers solutions, download the data sheet or contact your sales rep.

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