Thank you, John Gallo!

Although John Gallo’s URC career was a quick three years, he was the perfect champion to improve and grow United’s aluminum product line and customer base.

After spending over 40 years in the industry, John joined URC in May 2020 to expand the aluminum platform started by Tom Robich and Rick Volk.
John’s combined experience with sales and sales management, technical products, and fieldwork was exactly what we needed, as both sales and product offerings have flourished during his tenure.

Specifically, John grew the sales of our base products by reaching new accounts. Under his watch, we established new products such as UNI-2TUFF high fiber products, large aggregate compositions, and ultralow offerings for specific aluminum areas.

In an effort to enhance our GP gunned plastic mixes, John helped to promote and sell the OPTIMIZER system to improve installation results while reducing excess packaging. As some customers turned from gunned plastics to colloidal silica compositions, John worked with product development to customize improved colloidal silica products currently in trials.

As both our offerings and customer base grew, John continued visiting customers… often presenting our expanded aluminum platform, and specifically discussing prescriptive solutions for each individual account. With almost every aluminum customer discussion, an order or inquiry would follow!

In summary, John was a great example of an application champion that made a real impact in a market segment. Although his term was short, we are grateful for all of the work and contributions during this very fruitful time for our aluminum customers, and we wish John good health and prosperity as he begins his retirement.

Jim Caprio
Senior V.P. Sales & Marketing