URC Welcomes Justin Teiken — Director of Product Development Operations

With a ceramic engineering degree from Missouri S&T and over 20 years of refractory experience at Vesuvius, Plibrico LLC and Holland Mfg., Justin has an extensive knowledge of the industry.

In particular, Justin has monolithic experience ranging from low moisture technologies to plastics to precast… all key product areas that are critical for URC to deliver 4USERVICE to its customers.

Relative to our customers, Justin’s experience lines up well with our customer base, as he has developed and pioneered products for the aluminum, iron, steel, incineration, cement and HPI Industries.

Aside from a vast product development resume and multiple patents, Justin also has extensive experience in raw material sourcing and QA disciplines… key areas that bridge the gap between good research ideas and robust products that cost effectively perform for end users.

URC’s main objective is to continue to improve our 4USERVICE and provide increasing levels of value to our customers. We believe Justin will be a great leader and teammate to make this happen!