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Please join me in welcoming Jim Smith to the URC team!

Jim will be our Director of Energy and Chemical Processes and will focus on ceramic fiber applications and the Petro-Chem market.

With over 32 years of refractory experience in engineering, product management and installation service, Jim brings a unique set of abilities to URC and REFSOURCE.

After completing his BS in ceramic engineering in 1985, Jim’s ceramic fiber and Petro-Chem experience has been extensive, including OEM work with Swindell-Dressler, application engineering with Thermal Ceramics , field project management with Heater Specialists , fiber module product management at UniFrax and fiber/Petro-Chem product management at HWI.

Effective immediately, Jim will be working within our 4U SERVICE model to support and assist all of our URC and REFSOURCE Customers.

Staff Member

United Refractories Company is excited to announce that Pete Antimarino has joined our company as Senior Director Contractor Installers, effective June 5, 2017. Pete has held a vast array of key sales and marketing positions over his three-decade career in the refractory industry. This background and experience will enable Pete to make an immediate impact at United.

URC’s newly created executive position was established in recognition of the vital role that CIs play in the industrial marketplace. Pete will champion this new Contractor initiative through a customized approach that builds on United’s 4U Service commitment with our Contractor Installer business partners.