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United Refractories Company is excited to announce that Pete Antimarino has joined our company as Senior Director Contractor Installers, effective June 5, 2017. Pete has held a vast array of key sales and marketing positions over his three-decade career in the refractory industry. This background and experience will enable Pete to make an immediate impact at United.

URC’s newly created executive position was established in recognition of the vital role that CIs play in the industrial marketplace. Pete will champion this new Contractor initiative through a customized approach that builds on United’s 4U Service commitment with our Contractor Installer business partners.

The “Aluminum Platform” for United Refractories Company is based upon satisfying the aluminum customer value proposition which has 3 main pillars: (1) Reduce total process costs/MT of metal produced; (2) Improve/impact metal quality; (3) Improve/optimize furnace availability. All of URC’s R&D, sales, service & marketing activities are driven by the pillars of this value proposition.

Our overall approach in serving the aluminum market is to provide solutions that create value based on relevant quantitative data. This initiative has 4 main elements: (1) Customer challenges which would include identifying the critical wear mechanisms acting upon and deteriorating the refractory in aluminum casthouse operations.  (2) Product qualification which involves a comprehensive testing program that best simulates these wear mechanisms to better understand and position URC products relative to these wear mechanisms. (3) Process analysis which involves a thorough audit of the specific aluminum furnace process, to better understand the most critical wear mechanisms impacting the refractories in that particular furnace. A very detailed “process audit” has been developed by URC to initiate this investigation. (4) Product selection which involves utilizing the process audit results along with the product qualification test data, to provide a more “prescriptive” value solution, or a Solutions AWEARness offering that is specific to each customer furnace. As we know, not every furnace is the same and creating value for the customer is the goal.

Milwaukee, WI – URC attended and exhibited at the American Foundry Society’s Casting Congress exhibition.  URC was able to showcase their many new innovative products, platforms and services including 1Source, PriorityU Technical Services, Solutions AWEARness Aluminum Platform, Gel Bond Cement Free Technology and much more.

URC was also able to enjoy a great night out with its customers’ at the Milwaukee Brewer’s game!